Green Rise Foods

Green Rise Foods

Expert Growers in Controlled-Environment Agriculture



Combined 90+ Years of Experience in Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA)


commitment to you


We focus on being a consistent, low cost producer of quality fresh produce in controlled environments that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Financial Discipline

Our partners trust us to deliver maximum returns and we adhere to strict financial management. You can be confident that your investment is in good hands.


You can rely on us to produce! Our greenhouses allow us to protect our crops from pests, diseases and extreme weather conditions allowing us to reliably produce for our customers.


We push the envelope further everyday. We are always looking to improve the technology that drives our greenhouses.

Support Local

We strive to support the local communities we operate in through our fair employment practices, sponsorships and donations to local sports teams, events and not for profits.

Invest in Quality

We continue to leverage our resources and partnerships to continue to improve the quality of our products.

Green Rise Foods

We work hard to retain the best in class growers and a world class management and board team.