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Your Trusted Partner in Controlled-Environment Agriculture.



Green Rise Foods seeks environmentally conscious and sustainable growth to meet the needs of its partners while providing returns to its shareholders. Green Rise embraces new technologies and maintains a skilled workforce so it can be the lowest cost highest quality producer of in-door controlled agriculture products.


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Strict Financial Discipline

Our growth is steady and sustainable. We manage our risk and provide maximum returns to our investors.

World Class Board of Directors

We are backed by strong leaders in the industry that believe in our vision and continue to support us in achieving it.

Highly Skilled Growers

We work hard to retain our talented growers who are the best in North America. Together we deliver the quality we are known for.


Fact Sheet


Management Team

Vincent Narang

CEO, Director & Co-Founder

George Hatzoglou

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Suder

Chief Growth Officer

Abe Schmitt

Grower & General Manager (Plant 2)

Danny Farias

General Manager (Plant 1)

Ryan Calvano

Manager of Finance

Genevieve Farias

HR & Office Administrator

Monica Hansen

Accounting Administrator

Henry Froese

Grower (Plant 1)

Martin Zavala

Labour Manager (Plant 1)

Cornelius Schmitt

Maintenance (Plant 1)

Mark Cardoso

Packhouse Manager (Plant 1)

Frank Penner

Maintenance (Plant 2)



Enrico "Rick" Paolone

Board Chair, Director & Co-Founder

Vincent Narang

CEO, Director & Co-Founder

Stanley Thomas

Compensation Committee Chair & Director

Jerry Mancini

Audit Committee Chair & Director

Tom McKee

Governance Committee Chair & Director